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Custom Size 40 watt LED Bulb for Insulator Pendant Lights- Low Heat High Light Output

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Socket: Candelabra (E12)

Size: Custom (see below)

The ideal custom size, these light bulbs are truly perfect for your insulator pendant lights!

Keep your antique glass lights safe and your energy bill low with these super low heat, low energy LED bulbs.

These candelabra bulbs are not only perfect for any insulator light fixture, but can fit into any other light with a candelabra socket. One of the best parts about this style is that the small bulb size draws all of the attention to the beautiful light fixture rather than to the light bulb.

You will NOT see this bulb popping out of the bottom of your insulator light! They have a very attractive light output which compliments the antique insulator glass very well. This lightbulb will work much better and more efficiently than ordinary silicone crystal light bulbs, without the buzzing many SCR bulbs have.

Save money in light bulbs and on your monthly energy bill! Environmentally friendly and ecologically sound, these high power ceramic LED bulbs will last much longer than any regular incandescent or CFL light bulb, and will suck up much less energy.


Bulb Base: /E12/ Candelabra Light

Color: Cool White and Warm White

Wattage intake: 2-2.5 watts

Diameter: 1.5 CM

Length: 3.7 CM

Angle: 360° of light

Colors: Warm White (3000-4000 K) and White (6000-7000 K)

LED Type: High Power LED

Voltage (V): AC 110-130

Features: Primary Application: Home/Office / Bedroom / Kitchen / Living Room/Dining Room / Bathroom / Hallway/Stairwell

Lifetime (h): >15000(> 15000)

Certification: RoHS / CE Weight (kg): 0.075

Material: Plastic / Water Resistant Epoxy Cover / Ceramic Customers:


Both Cool White and Warm White versions of this lightbulb are available. You can see an example of the differences of light between the two by viewing the last two photos (cool and warm white, respectively). If you don't have a preference for the color temperature of the bulb, that is no problem.

Happy Lighting!