Blue Glass Insulator Pendant Lighting

Blue Glass Insulator Pendant Lighting

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This richly colored antique glass is the perfect shade for the perfect light fixture! Whether above your vanity, in your kitchen, dining room, hallways, your living room, or above your bed, these lights will give exactly what you need- and full of charm, they will make you smile every time you look at them.

These are the first and original  insulator lights, and are of extremely high quality and careful craftmanship! In an entire new style and design, these lights are truly unique. Each one is one of a kind!

These are handmade according to your cord preferences. In your package, you will receive 1 pendant light made for you, which take over 8 hours to make each. If you would like a special order, let me know! Each light accommodates LED candelabra bulbs of unlimited wattage. Incandescent bulbs can accommodate up to 40 watts, but LED bulbs work beautifully in this light if you are looking to save some energy or have bright lighting.

I do many custom listing for people across the world. Live in another country? No problem!
The antique insulators are in beautiful condition, but may have slight imperfections as they are vintage. Without the possible imperfections, they just wouldn't be antiques! 

Pendant: Authentic Antique Insulator

Pendant Color/Material : Aqua Blue Glass

Lightbulb Socket: Candelabra

Cord: Round Black or round White pendant cord is included in price, but you are able to upgrade to any other cord with unlimited other styles, fabrics, patterns, and colors for only $2.90/ft. Please note that there are many examples of custom cord in the photos on this listing. The first photo features black twisted cotton cord. Other photos feature antique bronze cord, twisted satin nickel, antique rope cord ($11/foot), copper twisted cord, and a multi-pendant light. 

Length: You specify

Since you can use LED lightbulbs of any wattage, these lights can be used from anything from mood lighting to task lighting, entryway lighting to main lighting! They are especially popular for design in the kitchen, washroom, cafes, diners, and mixed and matched for a plethora of styles in chandeliers.  If you use regular incandescent bulbs, they must be low-heat, low wattage under 1" in diameter. 


Happy Lighting!