About Us

 Our top priorities are the environment, the community, and making the world a better place. This company was started to save as many of the Earth's resources as possible, as quickly, creatively, and as beautifully as possible. 

We believe in a sustainable Earth, where people are responsible for keeping their waste out of landfills.

Facing environmental instability of epic proportions, it is vital that we recycle what we already have rather than create new waste. Although it is convenient to purchase new, it is not ethical nor necessary. So you can feel good about your purchasing power and ability to make a difference in the world, we do all of the heavy lifting for you.

We focus on seeking out recycled, reused, salvaged, & discarded materials to ensure we utilize our skill and artistic eyes to the benefit of the environment and those around us. 

Every light is one of a kind, made especially for it's new owner. Each light is made to order and crafted with love for it's new owner!  Whether it's a multi tiered driftwood light, a rustic bird cage turned floor lamp, or an electrical insulator kitchen light set, we will bring your vision to life.

 We also love to restore antique light fixtures, so whether you're looking for a 1890's ornate crystal chandelier or a medieval wooden torch sconce, we can find and restore what you love! 

But wait.... there's MORE! 

We team with numerous charities, grassroots organizations, NGO, NPOs and environmental, animal, and humanitarian activist groups to ensure our ethics and skills are utilized to their full potential.  

We believe in acting locally, and thinking globally. As each choice we make effects all other souls in existence, we are all connected as a global community.

We support organic gardening and organic regenerative farming efforts around the globe, and believe in a sustainable tomorrow through responsible and diverse organic agriculture. We support all humans and animals as sentient beings who deserve love and kindness. Won't you join us?

 School in China for abandoned and migrant children. These children's parents are forced to work in the sweatshops that make cheap items like mass produced pendant lights and lamps that you can find in big box stores. Since they are not paid for their labor, they can not feed their children.

In the center, you can see the owner, creator, and designer of Aloha Lights.

With shops like Aloha Lights, there is another way! 

Relax! You're in good company. 

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We live to support charities, NGOs, NPOs, and non-profits make big positive changes in our world! These include:

Habitat for Humanity, Worldwide
Casa Hogar HIV positive orphanage, Guatemala
ARCAS Animal Rescue Center, Guatemala
ReStore, National
Lighthouse Mission Walk-In Homeless Shelter, WA
Maui School Garden Network, HI
No More Deaths, AZ
Mollywood Avian Sanctuary, WA
Ix-canaan Guardians of the Rainforest, Guatemala